Davis Refinery

Building the Bakken Radio Episode 232: Ground Breakers in Energy Development, Davis Refinery Public Meeting

Weekly Davis Refinery Update
Interview: Dan Hedrington, principal, SEH
Hedrington gives details on the public meeting for The Davis Refinery’s air permit approval, January 17, in Dickinson. He also gives details on other ways to give public comments with the North Dakota Department of Health.

GroundBreakers Special
Interview: Brian Kalk, Director of Energy Systems Development, EERC
Kalk gives an overview of some groundbreaking technology involving CO2 capturing and agricultural greenhouses. He also explains how the energy ecosystem works in North Dakota from the higher education to transportation department to mineral research.

GroundBreakers Special
Interview: Justin Kringstad, director, North Dakota Pipeline Authority
Kringstad talks about the potential of shipping more oil out of the Bakken by pipeline in the upcoming years. He also talks about the technology increases in pipeline monitoring and spill prevention.

GrounndBreakers Special
Interview: Anthony Molzahn, Aegis Flow
Molzahn discusses the increased investment in the AUS industry and how energy is one of the main drivers of the emerging industry.

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