December 1, 2021
Oilfield Edition Family Fracas hosted by Jason Spiess. Family FossilFuelFridays vs Family Shale Energy Resources.

Energy Scene

Jason Spiess (L), Matt Hill (C), and Ken Lavin (R).Oilfield Edition Family Fracas hosted by Jason Spiess. Family FossilFuelFridays vs Family Shale Energy Resources.Jason Spiess and Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon at the Energy Exposition and Symposium.Tommie Harris Jr. (former NFL Chicago Bears All Pro) and Jason Spiess.Odessa Mayor Javier Joven presents Jason Spiess with a customized The Crude Life Jason Spiess bobblehead doll.Zakk Ross and Jason Spiess at the Energy Exposition and Symposium.Jason Spiess conducted a symposium engagement session on ESG called ESG University.PBIOS Jason Arceneaux, President & Board Member, Arc Energy and Jason Spiess.Gray Frederickson is best known for winning an Oscar as one of the co-producers of The Godfather Part II at the 47th Academy Awards and is a long-time producer for Francis Ford Coppola.Tour of the set of Sherwood Forest, a documentary being filmed in Oklahoma and produced by the legendary Gray Frederickson, about how the oil and gas industry helped America and its Allies during D-Day by sending oil and gas workers overseas to drill in the famous Sherwood Forest.
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