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Exploring for Freedom! 2017 March-April Mark A. Stansberry 

Exploring for Freedom!

In the book “Fueling Freedom,” authors Stephen Moore and Kathleen Hartnett White explain their views by addressing “the madness of the green war on abundant energy”: Why the idea of replacing fossil fuel energy with medieval technologies of wind, solar power, and biomass is a dangerous fantasy How recent technological breakthroughs have made our supply of oil and gas virtually... Read More
Energy Messages & the Media 2016 September-October Contributors Mark A. Stansberry 

Energy Messages & the Media

By Mark Stansberry The 24th Annual/Anniversary of Energy Policy Conference (IEPC) — Roundtable/Summit was held Aug. 11, 2016, at the Renaissance Hotel in Tulsa, Okla. The roundtable was hosted by IEPC, The Energy Advocates and the Master of Energy Program, University of Tulsa. I served as the moderator of the roundtable.  There were around 60 roundtable participants. Representatives included state... Read More
The Needed Script 2016 March-April Mark A. Stansberry 

The Needed Script

By Mark Stansberry  As of this writing, Leonardo DiCaprio, American movie actor, had recently addressed the World Economic Summit in Davos, Switzerland proclaiming that the oil and gas industry is reshaping the world due to greed. We can’t let corporate greed “determine the future of humanity,” he said. DiCaprio stated that “those entities with a financial interest in preserving the... Read More
America Needs America’s Energy! The Anniversary 2015 November-December Mark A. Stansberry 

America Needs America’s Energy! The Anniversary

By Mark A. Stansberry Recently, the “America Needs America’s Energy!” book and national educational effort had its three-year anniversary. On the “America Needs America’s Energy” Facebook page there are currently over 19,000 likes from across the 50 states and several countries. Many thanks to many of you for your support and encouragement! My book, “America Needs America’s Energy: Creating Together... Read More
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