API Studies Economic Growth Behind American Oil and Natural Gas 2015 March-April Don Briggs 

Haynesville Shale Could See Increase in Activity

The hot topic around the world continues to be the falling price of oil. Yes, oil prices have fallen more than $60 over the last few months. The stock market has seen points fall off the board, operating companies have reduced drilling budgets for 2015, the workforce has experienced some cutbacks and the general consumer is experiencing $2 gasoline. Thankfully,… Read More
Jobs Growth in Oil & Gas 2015 March-April Features 

Jobs Growth in Oil & Gas

A report on the policies that can support long-term jobs development and economic prosperity in the U.S. A sharp decrease in oil prices directly affected jobs in oil and gas at the start of the year as firms reduced development investments and announced thousands of jobs cuts. This challenging near-term outlook, however, is being offset by an ongoing push for… Read More
Letter from the Publisher 2015 March-April OILMAN Publisher 

Letter from the Publisher

Position. Position. Position.  Each month I speak with several hundred companies as part of our ad sales efforts here at OILMAN, from large E&P companies to independent service companies. As you can imagine, over the last two months there’s been a consistent theme across the board – uncertainty and fear. Both of which are understandable with the sharp decline in… Read More
It’s Time to Tell Our Story! 2015 March-April Mark A. Stansberry 

It’s Time to Tell Our Story!

On Dec. 4, 2013, at the South Texas Wildcatters Association in San Antonio, I launched the energy education campaign “It’s Time to Tell Our Story!” based upon my book “America Needs America’s Energy: Creating Together the People’s Energy Plan!” The message has been delivered through radio interviews in more than 30 states and 150 radio stations, a weekly radio show,… Read More
Q & A with Jason Spiess: Tom Petrie 2015 March-April Interviews Jason Spiess 

Q & A with Jason Spiess: Tom Petrie

Tom Petrie is the Chairman of Petrie Partners LLC, an investment firm offering financial advisory services to the oil and gas industry. Prior to joining Petrie Partners as chairman in 2012, Petrie was vice chairman of Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Previously, he was co-founder of Petrie Parkman & Co., an energy investment banking firm based in Denver and Houston… Read More
Energy Scene with Jason Spiess 2015 March-April Energy Scene Jason Spiess 

Energy Scene with Jason Spiess

XTO Energy holds the mineral rights on the property about 20 miles northeast of Watford City and is working with Houston-based Nabor’s Drilling to drill wells and extract oil and natural gas from the Bakken shale formation about 17,000 feet underground. The oil and gas industry has invested large amounts of capital into efficiency, and rig assembly is just one… Read More
OPEC and Rednecks 2015 March-April Contributors Steve Burnett 

OPEC and Rednecks

The inspiration for this cartoon is from the recent OPEC decision to not cut production, but to keep the market saturated with cut rate oil. Some analysts claim that OPEC is trying to take the shale gas out of market. It is an interesting concept. OPEC’s primary focus is to drive U.S. oil out of the U.S. domestic market. It… Read More
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