2015 November-December OILMAN Publisher 

All Hail King Data

Letter from the Publisher Our industry continues to invest in the future despite the price of WTI and Brent Crude hovering around $45 per barrel for what has seemed like an eternity. Increases in U.S. rig counts, equipment, staff, and operating budgets have been replaced (and rightfully so) by investments in streamlined processes – all in preparation for the next… Read More
2015 November-December Features 

Readying for the Next Run

Over the past year, producers have made a significant change in their operations in order to adjust to lower per-barrel oil prices. As they reduce the number of operational rigs, they are also seeking ways to standardize and synchronize their supply chains to ready themselves for when prices rebound, according to Brian Murphy, senior director of business development – emerging… Read More
2015 November-December 

Driving Simulator Helps Curb Vehicular Accident Exposure

The demands of some oil and gas professions include a willingness to remain on call and travel anywhere at a moment’s notice, to remote locations and offshore. Truckers, hot shot drivers, crew change services, superintendents and foremen may be called upon at any time to travel distances on rural routes and winding coastal roads. Motor vehicle accidents are a leading… Read More
2015 November-December 

Using Rotary Kilns for Processing Drilling Wastes

Even with the fluctuations in demand in the oil and gas industry, the existence of drilling wastes and the need to safely dispose of that waste remains constant. Operators often seek innovative and economical ways to handle, treat and even recover wastes from drilling processes. Drilling fluid, also known as drilling mud, is a common waste from oil and natural… Read More
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