2018 March-April Technology 

Blockchain, IoT, and Wearables Enter the Digital Oilfield

The world is abuzz with Bitcoin, blockchain technology, and the Internet of Things (IoT), with many oil and gas executives asking, “Where do these new technologies fit into our company? How can we implement them to make our business better, more profitable?” While Bitcoin might not be the answer these companies are looking for, Venezuela’s “petro” cryptocurrency might not be… Read More
2018 January-February Technology 

Savings Across The Board: How Anomaly Detection & Prediction Improves Business Performance In Oil And Gas

Leading oil and gas companies haven’t exactly been quick to bring their maintenance systems up to date. And with that comes huge risks to the environment, workers, and an organization’s financial state. The 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, for example, killed 11 platform workers and was named ‘the worst U.S. environmental disaster.’ But even if organizations do sidestep calamity, outages… Read More
2017 November-December Technology 

Evolution of the Oil and Gas Business Model: Room to Build on a Strong Foundation

In oil & gas, enthusiasm for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is already abundant. But unfulfilled potential abounds. A new study from Bsquare found that while 89% of businesses employ some sort of solution, most deployments remain fairly basic. Since advanced IIoT offers significantly greater ROI, many companies are leaving substantial value on the table. With cost reduction cited as the top… Read More
Microsoft and Halliburton Collaborate to Digitally Transform the Oil And Gas Industry 2017 September-October Technology 

Microsoft and Halliburton Collaborate to Digitally Transform the Oil And Gas Industry

Microsoft and Halliburton announced plans to enter into a strategic alliance to drive digital transformation across the oil and gas industry. The relationship will combine the expertise of a global leader in cloud and digital transformation with a global leader in exploration and production (E&P) science, software and services. “Halliburton is focused on delivering intelligent cloud solutions to drive the… Read More
Physical Attacks Need to Remain a Focus #OilmanNEWS 2017 September-October Technology 

Physical Attacks Need to Remain a Focus in the Oil and Gas Industry

When discussing ‘attacks’ in the oil and gas industry, the most concern has centred on the digital realm. While we are experiencing a cyber revolution, something that has enabled many industries, including oil and gas, to become more efficient and therefore profitable, it has also exposed them to new threats and vulnerabilities; it’s predicted that by next year, firms in… Read More
Hydraulic Drives that Fit the Application 2017 September-October Technology 

Hydraulic Drives that Fit the Application

For OEMs that design and build equipment or machinery, the hydraulic systems that drive the elements that lift, push, pull, drill or dig are often outsourced so as to maintain focus on their core competency – the rest of the system. However, sourcing the ideal hydraulic solution can present several challenges.  To ensure optimum performance, the hydraulic power unit (HPU)… Read More
eDrilling Guest Interview: Digitizing and Digitalization of the Oil and Gas Industry #OilmanNEWS 2017 September-October Technology 

eDrilling Guest Interview: Digitizing and Digitalization of the Oil and Gas Industry

These are indeed defining times for the industry. We sat down with eDrilling’s VP Product Management and Strategy, Morten Svendsen, to hear his views on one of those items often put forward to secure a bright future for us all – namely, digitalization. Digitalization – hot or not? Definitely hot. There is a wind of change blowing in the industry,… Read More

Trendsetter Engineering Successfully Completes STIM Well Projects

Trendsetter Engineering has successfully completed live well operations with their new 15,000 psi subsea hydraulic intervention system (referred to as STIM). The STIM system, which had previously been utilized for subsea hydrate remediation work, has now completed seven subsea projects in the GOM since November 2016, in water depths ranging from 2,500 feet to 7,200 feet. The recent live well… Read More
By Phil Graves #OilmanNEWS Shale Technology Upstream 

Clean Chemistry Issued New Patents for Water Treatment Technology

Clean Chemistry, a chemical technology company, received three patents from the US Patent and Trademark Office that cover formulae, synthesis methods and use of unique oxidant chemistries. Specifically, the patents for inventions numbered 9,551,076 , 9,517,955 and 9,517,956 cover the only known production processes for large scale quantities of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in easy-to-use, liquid formulations. “Reactive oxygen species… Read More
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