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OspreyData Launches Unified Monitor Product, Jetta Operating VP Confirms the Path is Incremental Adoption of Digital Oilfield

HOUSTON – OspreyData, leader in AI-Based Production Optimization solutions for Oil & Gas, announced today that they are launching the Unified Monitor solution, a component of their Production Optimization Platform, as a stand-alone offering to enable consolidated views of SCADA and Artificial Lift feeds in producing oil and gas wells. The Unified Monitor solution enables an oil company to shorten… Read More
Drilling for IoT Data Insight 2019 November-December Exploration & Production Technology 

Drilling for IoT Data Insight

Digital technologies have been a critical factor in the oil and gas industry’s transformation. Beyond transforming the industry, the integration of “smart” technologies now has the potential to create additional cost-savings from existing capacity. McKinsey research confirms how effective use of digital technologies can “reduce capital expenditures by up to 20 percent” while reducing operating costs “in upstream by 3… Read More
Robotic Process Automation: Four Key Considerations for Oil & Gas 2019 November-December Innovation Technology 

Robotic Process Automation: Four Key Considerations for Oil & Gas

Many energy companies have embarked on significant digital transformation projects utilizing emerging technologies such as big data, cloud, mobile, APIs (Application Program Interfaces), natural language processing, machine learning and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to reduce costs and streamline operations. In a recent discussion with an organization contemplating a major RPA initiative in the commercial and logistics area, the possibility of… Read More
VR technology supports oil and gas plant simulation and skill development #OilmanNEWS Oil and Gas News Software Technology Upstream 

VR Technology Supports Oil and Gas Plant Simulation and Skill Development

Following the rapid adoption of virtual reality (VR) technology in consumer markets, the oil and gas industry is witnessing wide-scale deployment of this technology across its value chain, according to GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company. The company’s latest thematic report, ‘Virtual Reality in Oil & Gas’, explores how VR is finding its way into upstream, midstream and downstream… Read More
What You Need To Know Before Starting an ETRM System Implementation Process #OilmanNEWS Oil and Gas News Software Technology 

What You Need To Know Before Starting an ETRM System Implementation Process

Over the last two decades many energy companies that engaged in the purchase and sale of commodities as a matter of course in transacting their day-to-day business elected to implement purpose-built trading and risk management systems. These technology projects were often proven to be more expensive and time consuming than originally anticipated. While a number of factors can and do… Read More
The SnapWeld Collaborative Robot Welding package a UR cobot-assisted, interactive welding system that can be deployed easily and flexibly in existing welding booths. 2019 September-October Technology 

Automated Pipe Welding Emerges from “Perfect Storm” of Technology Advances

Automated pipe welding has been little more than a pipe dream for decades. But advances in several critical technologies, including sensors, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and collaborative robotics, have converged to create a perfect storm of opportunity—and it’s happening just in time. The shortage of pipe welders in the U.S. has become a chokepoint for the oil and gas industry. Aging… Read More
Blockchain Early Adoption in Oil Industry - Risks and Rewards 2019 September-October Technology 

Blockchain Early Adoption in Oil Industry – Risks and Rewards

Following the financial crisis of 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto came up with a revolutionary concept of decentralized money or cryptocurrency, bitcoin with the underlying technology of Blockchain. Since then, Blockchain is continuously improving and is striving to find a better application experience. Blockchain, the foundation of cryptocurrency Bitcoin, is a distributed network where records are secured by encryption algorithms and the consensus… Read More
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