Competing on Price Without Compromising Margins: 2015 South Texas Oilfield Expo Opportunity for Drillers in Increasingly Cost-Focused Oilfield


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Show Takes Place July 29-30 in San Antonio, TX

In the coming months, operators will be looking towards service companies and product and service providers to help them achieve efficient drilling through innovation and sustained low prices.

Desired savings range anywhere from $300,000 to $1 million per well, meaning drilling contractors and other drilling service professionals are working with customers who expect their dollar to go a lot further in a leaner, meaner Eagle Ford.

This trickle-down focus on efficiency makes the 2015 South Texas Oilfield Expo a timely solution for oil and gas professionals in the Eagle Ford. With 597 booths, attendees will have hundreds of opportunities to speak with vendors, identify potential time and cost-saving measures in their business, and get competitive prices on solutions. Streamlining operations and reducing costs on this level gives service providers the ability to compete on price without compromising margins in an industry environment that some are considering to be the new normal.

“’Won’t get fooled again’ could be the anthem of this downturn,” said Eli Logan. Logan is the President of Texas Classic Productions, the company that organizes and produces the 2015 South Texas Oilfield Expo. “There’s a strong sentiment across the industry towards making changes now that result in long-term improvements in efficiency and increased profitability. Those who are waiting for the storm to pass, only to return to the status quo, will find a changed landscape and tougher competition.”

This focus on a more efficient business model is beneficial for independent operators too. Streamlined operations translate into profitability at a lower price-per-barrel, making cash flow less susceptible to market fluctuations.

“We’ve said it earlier this year and it still rings true: for operators, the show floor is their oyster,” Logan said. “The show’s focus on deal-making, networking, and trade translates into a major opportunity for those who are looking to roar out of the downturn stronger and more profitable than they were before.”

The 2015 South Texas Oilfield Expo takes place July 29-30, 2015 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, TX. Free admission is available to those oil and gas professionals who register online before Monday, July 27th. Register to attend at

Texas Classic Productions, LLC is a professional oil and gas trade show development and management company. Its oil and gas industry trade shows, some of the largest in the country, are known for their no-nonsense focus on networking, business development, and sales.

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Amy Double is the Creative Director for Texas Classic Productions, the company that produces and manages the Oilfield Expo Series. Shows in the 2015 Series include the South Texas Oilfield Expo, the OKC Oilfield Expo and the Houston Oilfield Expo. For  more information, email  or call (866) 918-5550.

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