Downhole Visual Analytics Leader Launches AIVA™ - A SaaS That Helps Well Operators Make Faster and Better Decisions

Downhole Visual Analytics Leader Launches AIVA™ – A SaaS That Helps Well Operators Make Faster and Better Decisions


HOUSTON, Texas – EV, the leader in downhole visual analytics, today launched AIVA™, a cloud-based platform to help well operators improve productivity and make faster and better decisions at booth #1059 at the SPE Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition (ATCE) 2023, Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas. AIVA™ allows users to store, visualize, explore, and analyze data relating to wells, pipelines and other critical energy assets or infrastructures. With advanced analytical and visual tools, and a powerful, intuitive user interface, AIVA™ brings data to life through Asset Inspection, Visualization and Analytics.

“One of our industry’s leading challenges today is more complex wells. AIVA™ meets this challenge by allowing teams to see and collaborate on the widest range of accurate log data, all in one place. AIVA™ helps operators make faster, more reliable decisions, increasing production and profitability. Operators can save millions by avoiding decision-making errors and lost production,” said Fraser Louden, EV CEO. “AIVA™ manages and safeguards data for our customers and places it instantly at their fingertips, wherever and whenever they need it.”

AIVA™ transforms the analysis and management of intelligent well interventions with accurate, on-demand data that is critical for any analytics-driven industry, such as oil and gas or geothermal. This software as a service solution includes advanced visualization and analytics functions. By revealing key information about condition, status and performance, AIVA™ supports the management of wells, pipelines and other critical energy assets and infrastructures. AIVA™ is an all-in-one cloud-based platform that allows users to store, visualize and interact with a wide variety of logs and data types. It is a complete solution to integrate, manage and safeguard data, instantly accessible from anywhere with internet access.

By revealing key information about the condition, status and performance of wells and pipelines, AIVA™ provides a helping hand to support management and optimization decisions across the life of users’ most valuable assets. AIVA™ allows operators to view a single instance, time-lapse, field-wide, or global analysis with its advanced analytic functions.  Users can effortlessly drill-down, scale up, and segment their data to reveal subsets and microtrends, and create powerful dashboards to analyze overall trends and inform their decisions. Customers can drill down to source images and trace data back to source data with interactive tables and charts.

AIVA’s powerful log data visualization tool provides synchronized 2D and 3D data displays with real-time data statistics that reveal trends. Its video and visual analytics provide a clearer perspective with high-definition video imaging, advanced video playback and powerful 360-degree visualizations. Users can see a continuous, depth-based image for the complete circumference of the wellbore.

About EV
EV, the leader in downhole visual analytics, enables operators to identify, understand, and resolve the most complex wellbore issues. The company’s range of vision-led solutions delivers detailed and intuitive information that enables a better understanding of life of well challenges, leading to more effective well management decisions that produce healthier, more productive wells. EV’s latest innovation ClearVision™ recently won the Hart Energy MEA Award for the Hydraulic Fracturing/Pressure category.

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