Lift Off Pipe Application Example

Product Showcase: Lift Off Pipe Rest

“Lift Off” Pipe Supports, LLC of Lake Charles, Louisiana announces a new solution to crevice corrosion between piping and support beam surfaces. The “Lift Off” Pipe Rest (LOR) is a patented, glass-reinforced composite resin pipe support rest that provides a non-corrosive barrier between pipes and support beams, eliminating the potential for corrosion. LORs are designed to meet the thermal and mechanical requirements of load bearing supports.

This innovative pipe rest does not absorb moisture, prevents electrolysis, evenly supports the pipe load over a much greater surface area than existing supports, and maintains its position on the support beam without external restraint. The LOR rest is designed with grooves that promote fluid shedding, enhancing corrosion protection, and is qualified for use with process temperatures as low as -265 °F and as high as 412 °F in continuous service and up to 550 °F intermittently.

The high compression strength of the LOR assures that it will remain in service long-term without distortion or degradation. The low profile of the LOR rest allows installation without hot work for pipe diameters from 2” through 48” on beams up to 14” wide. The broad support surface of the rest prevents distortion of the support beam as the weight of the pipe is uniformly distributed over the entire width of the supporting beam.  LORs have a smooth, low-friction upper surface that significantly reduces the potential for damage to the pipe coating, and a scruff-textured surface underneath to assist in maintaining its position on the support beam. LORs can be specified in various colors for line service identification. “Lift Off” Rests won’t burn, won’t smoke, and won’t contribute to a fire. “Lift Off” Pipe Rests are proudly manufactured in the United States.

Benefits of using “Lift-Off” Pipe Rests:

  • Lightweight, does not require hot work to install
  • Eliminates electrolysis
  • Reduces acoustic and mechanical vibration transmission
  • Inert to most chemicals
  • Non-flammable
  • High compressive strength – does not deform
  • High tensile strength – does not crack
  • Provides much better load spreading to maintain pipe and coating integrity
  • Self-locks into position, eliminating the need for holes in supporting beam
  • Low coefficient of friction:  µ = 0.05 to 0.2
  • May be colored to enhance pipe service identification
  • Carries full documentation, material traceability and identification

For additional information, please contact:

“Lift Off” Pipe Supports, LLC

2524 Edgewood Lane

Lake Charles, Louisiana  70605


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