Q&A: Oil & Gas Bankruptcies, Restructurings & Mergers Likely To Continue In 2021

Q&A: Oil & Gas Bankruptcies, Restructurings & Mergers Likely To Continue In 2021


As Murphy’s law states, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. This age-old adage can be applied to what the U.S. oil and gas industry has experienced through most of 2020. The U.S. shale sector continues to reel from low oil prices triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, which cratered…

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Gary Pittman is a Managing Director in Opportune LLP’s Restructuring practice. He has over 30 years of corporate accounting and restructuring experience and has advised both public and private companies in the oil and gas, oilfield services and chemicals industries. Prior to joining Opportune, Gary served as CFO for an international land and shallow water geophysical service company offering a broad range of specialized geophysical solutions to the petroleum and mining industries, worldwide. Gary has significant experience in mergers and acquisitions, roll-ups, spin-offs, IPOs, lease and project finance, and troubled debt restructurings and bankruptcies. His roles have included engagement and transactional responsibility for compliance matters, accounting, leases, transactional due diligence, valuation engagements and testimony before bankruptcy court. He received his MBA and BA from the University of Oklahoma.

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