Special Interview with William Prentice on Hurricane Harvey’s Impact

Special Interview with William Prentice on Hurricane Harvey’s Impact

Interview: William Prentice, CEO, Meridian Energy Group

Prentice explains how Hurricane Harvey has impacted the progress on the Davis Refinery.  The use of specialized workers in energy and the social cause of Hurricane Harvey has created a situation where companies have to halt progress while employees, friends and families assist with the natural disaster.

Prentice says the Davis Refinery’s halt in progress is inconsequential as Hurricane Harvey continues.  He offers his sincere thoughts for those impacted by the devestation in the Gulf area.

The specialized workers are discussed in detail as well.  The Davis Refinery is being billed as the cleanest refinery in the world, and to achieve that, there is only a handful of companies on the planet with the knowledge and experience with the environmental technology.  Most of these companies and many of their employees are based in Houston, Tx.

Prentice also gives some new rough timelines on construction, permitting process and number of employees that are expected to work in the Davis Refinery coming to Belfield, ND.

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