The Crude Life Interview: Joe Dancy, Energy Educator and Expert #OilmanNEWS Contributors Jason Spiess Oil and Gas News Podcasts 

The Crude Life Interview: Joe Dancy, Energy Educator and Expert

Joe Dancy, Associate Director, Southern Methodist University Maguire Energy Institute, gives his thoughts on Energy’s Top Stories, Trends and Issues of 2019. Topics and stories discussed are the renewable push, reclamation advancements, coal, flaring, natural gas, remote drilling, drones and artificial intelligence. Dancy explains why he votes for the California Wildfires as the Top Story, Trend and Issue of the… Read More
According to Cate, most of the natural gas pipelines are over 40 years old and are in need of updates sooner rather than later. 2019 November-December Jason Spiess Midstream Pipeline 

Pipelines as Critical Infrastructure

The state of California currently experienced a reality check in energy accountability and aging infrastructure. While the majority of the attention is on the spike in gas prices, black outs and stress on the grid in California, Wesley Cate of Eco-Energy believes the national conversation should shift to the issue of aging pipelines. The most recent “Infrastructure Report Card” published… Read More
THE CRUDE LIFE INTERVIEW: ANDREW BRUCE, CEO, DATA GUMBO #OilmanNEWS Contributors Jason Spiess Oil and Gas News Podcasts 

The Crude Life Interview: Andrew Bruce, CEO, Data Gumbo

Andrew Bruce, CEO, Data Gumbo, discusses their new oil and gas industry service and contract that involves Blockchain and the Bakken oil fields. The Bakken program is a pilot program contracted from a consortium of major energy companies involving water use in shale plays. Bruce discusses the pros, cons, issues and solutions of Blockchain, including an estimate of $3.7B annual… Read More
Jason Spiess interviewing Bob Donner, Founder of Freedom Manufacturing 2019 July-August Energy Scene Jason Spiess 

Energy Exposition Lights Up the Industry in the Rockies

Thousands flocked to the 2019 Energy Exposition this year held in Gillette, Wyoming. The Expo was by all accounts, a high energy successful event attended by passionate professionals wanting to have more purpose in the energy industry. This year’s speakers and presenters offered a diverse range of topics and ideas. There were participants, speakers and attendees from the oil, natural… Read More
Destenie McMillen and Colorado House of Representative Polly Lawrence at an energy industry meeting 2019 May-June Jason Spiess 

Downturn by Legislation

On April 16 of this year, Governor Jared Polis signed Senate Bill 181 into law after what many consider one of the most controversial pieces of legislation in oil and gas history, as it met opposition from almost every Republican in the state of Colorado and the energy industry. The law took effect immediately, and changes the Colorado Oil &… Read More
Micrograph showing how SWS encapsulates crude oil petrochemicals E&P wastewater - produced water 2019 May-June Jason Spiess 

Be Aware of the Modern Day Snake Oil

The founder and CEO of BMA Biotech, Mark Bullock is no stranger to the oil and gas industry. Both Bullock’s step-father and father-in-law have both worked in the industry for over 40-years. So, it is little wonder how a small-town boy from the United Kingdom is now living in Sugar Land, Texas and providing highly effective products and sustainable services… Read More
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