2018 May-June Contributors Jason Spiess 

How Blockchain and Crudecoin Could Transform the Energy Industry

A Look at the Innovation Integration of Blockchain Technology into the Global Energy Industry Over the past decade I have had the privilege of interviewing some of the greatest minds in the world of energy, economics and technology. One theme predominant throughout each one of their respective industries was “paradigm shift.” These men are serious men who do not exaggerate… Read More
2017 November-December Contributors Jason Spiess 

Why Selling Crude Oil to China is Good for America

Continental Resources, Inc. recently announced its first-ever sale of Bakken oil specifically for delivery overseas. Continental Resources has sold 1,005,000 barrels of crude oil for November delivery to Atlantic Trading and Marketing (“ATMI”), which intends to export the oil to China. “This is a historic day for Continental and begins a new chapter in our long-term strategy to establish multiple… Read More
The New Age of Trump Oil 2017 September-October Contributors Jason Spiess 

The New Age of Trump Oil

Recently, President Donald J. Trump joined Energy Industry Executives, members of Congress, and Cabinet Officials at the Department of Energy to deliver remarks on unleashing America’s boundless capacity for energy production. “We’re here today to usher in a new American energy policy,” he declared. The President explained that his focus isn’t so much on “energy independence,” but rather dominance. In… Read More
2017-May-June Contributors Energy Scene Jason Spiess 

Energy Scene with Jason Spiess: Shale Plays Gearing up for this Summer’s BBQ Season

One of the sure fire signs of summer is the scent of hickory and mesquite permeating throughout shale plays across the Unites States. These shale play communities have embraced BBQ events as pitmasters often spend days marinating, rubbing and slow cooking a variety of ribs, chicken and brisket. Secret sauces, spices and temperatures become available to communities as energy service… Read More
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