Data centers provide pivotal role in data processing and warehousing in the oil and gas industry #OilmanNEWS Data Oil and Gas News Technology Upstream 

Data Centers Provide Pivotal Role in Data Processing and Warehousing in the Oil and Gas Industry

Data management has become an important theme in the oil and gas industry as the volumes of data generated by the industry have increased significantly, thus driving the demand for high-performance data storage and processing solutions. The upstream sector, in particular, is contributing to the bulk of the data generated from oil and gas processes. In order to facilitate superior… Read More
Photo courtesy of Gydrodata 2019 July-August Data Exploration & Production Onshore Technology 

The Drilling Industry Reaps the Rewards of Data Analytics

The drilling industry’s push for increased digitalization has been driven by new data formats, innovative software applications as well as an ever-increasing abundance of real-time data. Oil rigs have turned into massive sources of data that help engineers, some of whom work at ROCs (remote operations centers) aid operators in gaining greater yields and less downtime. Oil companies also utilize… Read More
The Effects of Big Data on the Oil and Gas Industry in the Last Decade #OilmanNEWS Data Downstream Exploration & Production Fullstream Innovation Midstream Oil and Gas News Software Technology Upstream 

The Effects of Big Data on the Oil and Gas Industry in the Last Decade

Big Data is a concept which signifies the growing volumes, varieties and velocities of data. This concept is very familiar and relevant to the oil and gas industry because their processes and decisions tend to generate immense amounts of data. Organizations in this industry have been dealing with very large amounts of data for the past decade so as to… Read More
Why Traditional Reservoir Modeling Is Costly #OilmanNEWS Data Exploration & Production Oil and Gas News Software Technology Upstream 

How to Use Closed-Loop Frameworks to Improve Big Data and Analytics in the Oil and Gas Industry

Every year, oil and gas companies can be seen investing millions of dollars in order to better understand the future outlook of their job sites. This is because traditional modeling approaches to reservoir management are quite costly and time-consuming. They require months or years in some cases for asset teams to integrate new forms of data that came in from… Read More
How to Identify Innovation Opportunities with Big Data in the Oil and Gas Industry #OilmanNEWS Data Oil and Gas News Software Technology Upstream 

How to Identify Innovation Opportunities with Big Data in the Oil and Gas Industry

For the past decade, oil and gas operators have been experiencing increasingly rapid and competitive regulatory and market changes. This is due to firms needing every last bit of insight for their production needs, fluctuations in global demands because of price volatilities, and the never-ending search for natural resources. What adds even more urgency for this industry is the need… Read More
Texas Energy Production 2018 September-October Data Texas 

Texas Energy Production Estimates

As part of our research on Texas’ current oil and gas industry, which we covered in an Infographic in this issue of OILMAN, we found additional information from the U.S. Energy Information Administration about Texas’ energy production. The estimates are from 2016, the latest year available. Read More
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