2015 January-February Interviews Jason Spiess 

Q & A With Jason Spiess: Innovation

Traveling across the country attending BBQs, press conferences, county fairs and other energy-fueled events, you run into quite a cast of characters. In addition to the personalities, the scenery can be breathtaking as well. Whether your cup of tea is checking out oil rigs, rubbing shoulders with chief executive officers or enjoying the landscape of the Rocky Mountains, road tripping… Read More
2014 November-December Interviews Jason Spiess Louisiana Oklahoma Texas 

America Shifting Towards Natural Gas

One of the more exciting stories being extracted from the modern day shale play is natural gas. Although it does not compare to crude volumetrically, the natural gas plays are creating a culture of innovation that will completely transform how people live their daily lives. Many energy experts and professionals believe this “natural” shift is happening across the planet and… Read More
Shale Power: The Modern Day Industrial Revolution 2014 September-October Interviews Jason Spiess Louisiana Oklahoma Texas 

Shale Power: The Modern Day Industrial Revolution

How North Dakota’s shale play sparked a modern day economic revolution. By Jason Spiess Ward Koeser recently ended a 20-year run as mayor of Williston, N.D. Looking back, Koeser could see the evolution of the Bakken’s global appeal. Koeser recalls at first when the national media arrived on the scene – it was something to note. However, when the international… Read More
Interview: John Brinkman - Imbibitive Technologies 2014 July-August Interviews Louisiana Oklahoma Texas 

Interview: John Brinkman – Imbibitive Technologies

OILMAN: I was very intrigued when I first read about IMBIBER Beads and watched your demonstration videos online. It’s very innovative and I feel it could revolutionize spill clean up and prevention within our industry. So tell us about IMBIBER Beads? John Brinkman: Imbibitive Technologies is a specialty absorbent manufacturer, our flagship product is known by the brand name Imbiber… Read More
Activism and Deception Underlie Weather Channel’s Eagle Ford Shale Report 2014 May-June Interviews Texas 

Activism and Deception Underlie Weather Channel’s Eagle Ford Shale Report

A new investigative report by InsideClimate News and the Center for Public Integrity – promoted and produced by the Weather Channel – concludes that shale development in south Texas is “releasing a toxic soup of chemicals into the air,” which the researchers describe as “a bust for local residents who fear for their health.” But shaky research underlying the report… Read More
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