#OilmanNEWS 2016 July-August Louisiana 

Industry Representatives Respond to Favorable Jefferson Parish Lawsuit

The continuing battle between energy companies and political forces in Louisiana has been fought in multiple regional courts. However, a ruling on Aug. 1 has dictated that litigation against oil companies is “premature.” Government leaders in Louisiana, whom had previously supported big oil’s economic support to the state, have recently turned on the industry, claiming that oil companies are a… Read More
2016 July-August Events 

Decommissioning Joint Industry Project Overview

Endeavor Management recently released an overview of its decommissioning JIP results which was supported by 12 companies including operating majors Shell and ExxonMobil. I thought you might find this information relevant as it covers key P&A and intervention initiatives including: A cost-benefit analysis of vessel options for intervention including LWI vessels with or without riser, MODUs with full riser system… Read More
2016 July-August OILMAN Pride 

Pierce Junction Oil Field

The Pierce Junction Oil Field was just south of Houston Texas and produced some fantastic wells. These old wooden derricks are long gone but the location should be familiar to most Texas football fans. The old Houston Astrodome and the new Reliant Stadium were built on top of the Pierce Junction Oil Field…. Courtesy of The Sloane Gallery – www.sloanegallery.com – 281-496-2212 Read More
2016 July-August Features 

The OPEC Situation: Understanding OPEC’s Relevance in the Global Oil Market

With the member countries of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) controlling around 40 percent of the world’s crude oil production and exporting about 60 percent of the petroleum traded internationally, the activities of OPEC have been an important factor affecting not just oil prices but oil production in non-OPEC countries as well. Given that OPEC did not… Read More
2016 July-August 

Experiencing Déjà Vu from the Current Oil Crisis

The recent price drop of oil beginning in 2015 gives some individuals a flashback to the 1986 oil supply glut. Indeed, there are many factors that mark the past crisis as being similar to the current: OPEC decided to gain market share by getting rid of smaller players abroad, the price of oil collapsed due to the supply outweighing demand,… Read More
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