Letter from the Publisher (July-August 2016)


Change is all around us. It happens every day; both in our professional and personal lives. Saudi Arabia, one of the largest OPEC member countries, replaced its oil minister after 20 years of the same leadership. Many in the oil and gas industry expect to see significant changes as a result of the Saudi’s new oil minister. As noted in the past, influence from Saudi Arabia can affect the price of oil and energy strategy around the world. That could be good news for some and bad for others. Saudi Arabia has even initiated a plan to wean itself off of the dependence of oil revenue in a decade. That’s a tall order for a country that takes pride in oil production leadership. In the meantime, Saudi Arabia’s focus is still to crush the US shale market by not reducing production in light of oversupply. The key takeaway in our current energy climate is to be ready for change. On the downside when business is slow the key is to maintain a comfort zone of stability. Then on the upside, when business picks up, you’ll need to be ready for customer demand. Several key companies today are instituting a lean approach to how they conduct business. Thousands of oil and gas related businesses are forced to do so in today’s low barrel market. OILMAN Magazine recently experienced a change in ownership. As the new publisher, the transition was relatively smooth. Although I was caught off guard with unexpected request from my banker, fickle quotes from printing partners, and unusual request from a couple of other key vendors that I rely on to conduct business. I managed to muddle through a sea of change. Of course at the beginning of the transition I anticipated a few deviations from the norm. We all do when making key business decision or personal changes in our life. However, changing course in anything you do requires quick decisions. Will you be prepared for change that may come your way?

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Emmanuel Sullivan
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The CEO of U.S. Energy Media, Emmanuel Sullivan is a technical writer who has built up his profile in the oil and gas industry. He lives and works in Houston, where he publishes Oilman and Oilwoman on a bimonthly basis, and Energies quarterly, distributing the magazine to energy thought leaders and professionals throughout the United States and around the world. At a time when technology is rapidly changing, he provides an invaluable service to oil & gas, and renewable energy executives, engineers, and managers, offering them both broad and specific looks at the topics that affect their livelihoods. Sullivan earned his BA in Communications at Thomas Edison State University and his MA in Professional Writing at Chatham University. 

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