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Time to Get Real 2016 March-April OILMAN Publisher 

Time to Get Real

Letter from the Publisher Luke McDonald For the better part of 18 months our industry has been reeling from the complete tank (no pun intended) in the price of oil. All you could hear at the beginning were confident quotes like “Just wait it’ll be back to 100 soon.” “Back to 70 by the end of the year.” and “50... Read More
Tips to Fix Your Struggling Sales Team 2016 March-April 

Tips to Fix Your Struggling Sales Team

A brush up for seasoned BDO’s, sales managers their new sales team By Mike Schepper  Whether you are a seasoned business development officer, or you are a VP of a sales team, you are always looking for new motivational tools or new habits to instill in your team. The biggest mistake in your small sales team is they are not... Read More
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