Interview: Irmen on Money Management and Farming Without the Bank

Interview: Mary Jo Irmen, speaker, author, and owner of FiscalBridge LLC

Irmen discusses the state of the economy and what are some trends and signs to keep an eye on.

She also gives a preview of the upcoming Secure Wealth Builders Conference, November 17 and 18, Bismarck, ND, including featured speakers and topics.

Irmen is the owner of FiscalBridge, LLC, speaker and author of the books Farming Without the Bank and Wealth Without the Bank or Wall Street. Since 2011, Irmen has worked as a Certified Infinite Banking Practicioner while learning from the creator, R. Nelson Nash. She has also written on the subject Nash founded so others can understand the importance of how money works.

Irmen “teaches” this concept so clients know what they are doing and why they are doing it. She is very good at getting that message across and has a teaching style which allows even the novice in finance and money to understand how things work.

Irmen’s passion to teach and her energy for The Infinite Banking Concept makes her the perfect conference host.

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