MultiMedia Cafe Episode 35: The Paradigm Shift in Oil and Gas

Dayle Ranger, Innovation Project Manager, discusses the differences between the United States and Canada in regards to oil and gas development. Ranger says there has been a paradigm shift in how we drill and because of that, there are changes in the industry that many are not prepared for yet.

He also explains how rigs are becoming more automated, Big Data is here and jobs are shifting in response to the changing energy industry. One issue to note is that companies are segmenting their data and information and creating fusion projects across the country. Ranger believes if the industry veered away from day rates, innovation would increase and expand, rather than be stifled.

Other topics of discussion included in the interview include the vetting of industry experts and leaders, upgrading the living environment for on-site workers and how technology will shift job duties rather than eliminate the job altogether.

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