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The Truly Successful Organizations Are Asking “How” – Are You? 2016 July-August Joshua Robbins 

The Truly Successful Organizations Are Asking “How” – Are You?

By Josh Robbins In 2016 there have been many challenges for companies looking at acquiring oil and gas assets. Extremely low prices in February followed by a rebound in the second quarter led to delayed deals, reevaluations and additional bankruptcies. Although the stability of the market is still in question, some companies are maintaining their focus and drive and continue... Read More
Building During the Downturn 2016 May-June Joshua Robbins 

Building During the Downturn

By Josh Robbins An amazing opportunity has presented itself. With oil maintaining its low price, many are forming new teams, new plans and new companies. Some of these groups have decades of experience and find themselves in an extremely favorable position. They know where the best assets are, and can effectively capitalize on that knowledge. This downturn is also forcing... Read More
Bear Strategies: Acquisitions 2015 November-December Joshua Robbins 

Bear Strategies: Acquisitions

A comprehensive look at bear market strategies to use when purchasing operated or non-operated assets during a downtrend. By Joshua Robbins It’s important to note that implementing the core strategies outlined in this article in your acquisition process is essential, whether the market is bearish or bullish. In addition, each company needs to define the tactical goals within its business to... Read More
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