2018 September-October Joshua Robbins 

Early Winter

After attending this year’s summer NAPE (North American Prospect Expo) event, the common theme was “2019.”  Everyone was preparing, planning and infield developing for exits in early 2019.  The amount of marketed operated deals at the event (and as a collective total across all platforms) was minimal through Quarter three.  Unless you have a target acquisition in mind (on or… Read More
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Josh Robbins 2018 July-August Contributors Joshua Robbins 

The Oilfield Auction Culture

For years, the option to sell your oil and gas property was to bring it to auction. The mentality is that with more bidders, the better price you receive for your property. Also, the auction company marketed the auction, so all you had to do was bring the information about your wells, geographic area, etc. And for the last 40… Read More
2018 March-April Contributors Joshua Robbins 

Massive Opportunities

As Q1 ends, the industry analysts are predicting upwards of $80 oil prices, and a reentry back into the high price environment we saw back in 2013. Operators, on the other hand, are hedging every barrel possible. Their consensus is the price will fall instead of rise, pushing the boom/bust cycle into a much smaller correctional circle, moving the price… Read More
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Winter is Coming 2017 September-October Contributors Joshua Robbins 

Winter is Coming

I have no idea whether or not Games of Thrones has this title copyrighted. But, for the oil and gas world, there is no sweeter statement. The general consensus is that this winter will be, by far, the coldest we’ve had for a while. Our inventory is lower than it should be, and that will play a crucial role in… Read More

2017 July-August Contributors Joshua Robbins 

Measuring the Pace

After heavy transaction volume in the first quarter, A & D has stalled out at the end of the second quarter. With the vast amount of data and the fantastic software that is available to sort it, we have seen many of the companies dig into the same areas, looking at the same rock, and target the same assets. With… Read More
2017-May-June Contributors Joshua Robbins 

Uncovering Great Deals

I have all of the Oilman Magazines that I’ve ever been featured in on my bookshelf. I’m surprised at how many there are and humbled that I continue to be featured. As someone who writes articles on the state of the oil and gas acquisition and divestiture market, I see the trends developing far before they become buzzwords on Wall… Read More
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