Davis Refinery, Hurricane Harvey Impact and Motivating Energy Communities

Hurricane Harvey Update
Interview: Dr. Loren Scott, energy expert and president, Loren Scott and Associates
Scott explains what types of crews are going to be needed in the clean up effort in the Gulf and how it will impact Shale Play USA.

Davis Refinery Update
Interview: William Prentice, CEO, Davis Refinery and Meridian Energy Group
Prentice gives an overview on how Hurricane Harvey has impacted the Davis Refinery. He also explains what type of workers will be needed for construction and day-to-day after the refinery opens.

Energy Economy
Interview: Geoff Simon, Director, Western Dakota Energy Association
Simon gives details on the Western Dakota Energy Association’s annual meeting in Dickinson, ND. He also talks about innovations in coal energy and technology.

Energy Communities
Interview: Erik Hatch, Owner, Hatch Coaching
Hatch talks about his message he is delivering to businesses and communities across the Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Minnesota.

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