Davis Refinery Update

Energy Communities
Interview: Rob Lindberg, director, Bakken Backers
Lindberg talks about Bakken Backers and their political advocacy regarding the oil and gas industry.

Current Energy
Interview: Lynn Helms, director, North Dakota Department of Minerals
Helms gives an update on the Bakken, explains natural gas futures and why Bakken companies have to become more aggressive to attract investments away from Texas and Oklahoma.

Energy Economy
Interview: Fred Fox, Tribal Council Representative, MHA Nation
Fox gives a rig and well update from the MHA Nation and how they are using the energy opportunity to empower Native Americans.

Weekly Word
Interview: Professor Stephen Heins, owner, Word Merchant
Heins opines about the new FERC commissioner and why he will be good for oil and gas.

Davis Refinery Update
Interview: Dan Hedrington, principal, SEH
Hedrington talks about his Q&A session with the local residents in western North Dakota regarding the Davis Refinery being built near Belfield, ND.

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