The Crude Life Interview: Joe Dancy, Energy Educator and Expert

Joe Dancy, Associate Director, Southern Methodist University Maguire Energy Institute, gives his thoughts on Energy’s Top Stories, Trends and Issues of 2019.

Topics and stories discussed are the renewable push, reclamation advancements, coal, flaring, natural gas, remote drilling, drones and artificial intelligence.

Dancy explains why he votes for the California Wildfires as the Top Story, Trend and Issue of the 2019.

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Jason Spiess is a multimedia journalist, entrepreneur and content consultant. Spiess has over 25 years of media experience in broadcasting, journalism, reporting and principal ownership in media companies.  (Over 30 years experience if you count his adolescent years as a newspaper delivery boy learning the importance and logistics of daily distribution and monthly door-to-door bill collecting.) Spiess has worked in the areas of oil and gas, UAS and precision agriculture, health care, cannabis, agriculture, real estate, government affairs and economic development. Spiess is the host of two radio programs, Building the Bakken and Coffee & Capitalism, and three specialty programs, MonDak OilField Review, Corporate Ink and UnStuck, that carry a radio network that spans five states and two countries. Spiess is a North Dakota native and graduated from North Dakota State University.

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