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Production Chicken 2015 July-August OILMAN Publisher 

Production Chicken

Letter from the Publisher Luke McDonald It looks as though I’ve become addicted to trying to figure out how the United States can beat OPEC in their game of “Oil Production Chicken”. In the latest episode OPEC announced they will maintain their existing combined production target at 30 million barrels per day, effectively feeding into the world’s over supply. Controlling the... Read More
Offshore History: Shell Oil Drilling Ship on Lake Barre early 1950s 2015 July-August OILMAN Pride: The Sloane Gallery - Houston TX 

Offshore History: Shell Oil Drilling Ship on Lake Barre early 1950s

Offshore drilling actually began off the coast of California in 1896. Modest returns ended the enterprise by 1902. Advances in drilling technologies inevitably caught up with the opportunity offshore, and in 1947 Kerr-McGee Oil Industries drilled the first productive well beyond the sight of land off the coast of Louisiana at the depth of 18 feet. Possibly the biggest milestone... Read More
The Gulf of Mexico Long-Play 2015 July-August 

The Gulf of Mexico Long-Play

How timescales in offshore E&P have set this sector apart  By Jennifer Delony Offshore oil and gas exploration and production in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico are standing up to the oil price downturn that has been influencing the oil shale play for more than six months. That is the word from industry experts, who believe the long-term timescales of the... Read More
Five Years Post-BP Oil Spill 2015 July-August Louisiana 

Five Years Post-BP Oil Spill

BSEE Issues Proposed Regulations to Enhance BOP Performance By Daniel J. Dysart On April 13, almost five years since the April 20, 2010, BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster, the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE), under the Department of the Interior, issued proposed amendments to well control regulations for offshore well operators in the Outer Continental Shelf.... Read More
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