Imbiber Beads 2014 May-June Product Showcase 

Imbiber Beads

Our company, Imbibitive Technologies is a specialty sorbent manufacturer.  Our flagship product is IMBIBER BEADS® which is the only “oil-sensitive” super-absorbent polymer (SAP) currently available anywhere in the world.  The performance of IMBIBER BEADS® products is superior and fundamentally different from all other hydrocarbon-sorbing technologies, in accordance with ASTM Performance Standard definitions. IMBIBER BEADS® are “engineered” to absorb/imbibe a broad range of organic… Read More
Sco-Jo Land and Environmental 2014 May-June Product Showcase 

Sco-Jo Land and Environmental

Sco-Jo Land and Environmental is the nation’s leading environmental compliance and land brokerage firm, with 35 years of combined experience in the oil and gas industry. Our environmental team specializes in EPA audits, SPCC Plans, Annual Inspections, Tier II reports, air emissions, containment systems, and all environmental needs. Our brokerage firm specializes in lease and ROW Acquisition, mineral and HBP… Read More
Paradigm Partners 2014 May-June Product Showcase 

Paradigm Partners

Paradigm Partners is an international consulting firm specializing in complex federal and state tax and funding incentives, for both public and private entities, across a host of industries.  Paradigm Partners has distinguished itself amongst its peers by adopting a low cost, high return service model that employs a tailored two?phase approach; the Company’s business development and professional teams work hand… Read More
The Woodlands Development Company 2014 May-June Product Showcase 

The Woodlands Development Company

The Woodlands currently has 9.9 million square feet of high-quality office space. While much of the existing space is already under lease, a limited number of immediate occupancy opportunities exist. Featured Property: Two Hughes Landing Bring your company home to The Woodlands’ newest destination – Two Hughes Landing. This new Class A, 8-story, 197,000-square-foot office building is located in Hughes… Read More
American Pollution Control Corp. 2014 May-June Product Showcase 


American Pollution Control Corp. (AMPOL) is a full-service environmental remediation company and contractor that specializes in inland, near-shore, and offshore emergency response and hazardous waste remediation. Serving oil and gas companies, industrial companies and government agencies, AMPOL provides emergency and non-emergency toxic and hazardous materials containment, collection and assistance with transport and disposal. Safety is top priority with AMPOL. Safety… Read More
Wet Tech Energy, Inc. 2014 May-June Product Showcase 

Wet Tech Energy, Inc.

Wet Tech Energy is a family owned and operated company that has evolved into a diverse and unique blend of service and supply. As one of the leading buoy manufacturers in the country, what sets Wet Tech Energy apart is our service capabilities; being able to provide offshore installation services with an Anchor Handling Vessel and specialty crews. Wet Tech… Read More
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