2018 November-December 

U.S. Federal Regulatory Bodies in the Energy Sector

As one can imagine, there is more than just the DOE (Department of Energy) involved in the regulation of the U.S. Energy industry. The DOE is the all-encompassing branch of the government which is responsible for all types of energy regulatory matters. There are additional regulatory bodies that are responsible for more granular levels of the energy industry from the… Read More
2018 November-December Mark A. Stansberry 

Forty-Five Years Later…

Forty-five years ago, October 17, 1973, the Arab oil embargo began as agreed to by the OPEC oil ministers. Since that time, beginning with the embargo, U.S. energy and economic direction has been impacted due to that decision. (The members of the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries “OAPEC” initiated the oil embargo.) A few months later, (1974), The International… Read More
2018 November-December 

Blockchain in Oil and Gas is Not Hype

Blockchain, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, these are all the words that have been buzzing around since this time last year. Bitcoin was on a meteoric rise unlike any investment ever seen before. Since this there have been more than 2,000 companies that have appeared and are riding the blockchain wave on the pretense of ICO (Initial Coin Offering) fame. Most of these… Read More
2018 November-December Interviews 

Interview: Kent Bartley, President, Maviro

The following is an interview with Kent Bartley, President, Maviro. The interview text has been left in tact, with only minor grammatical adjustments. Tonae’ Hamilton: Can you discuss the rebranding of Mattawa Industrial Services and Envirosystems USA as Maviro? What benefits will your customers see with this unification? Kent Bartley: Both Mattawa and Envirosystems have a long history of providing… Read More
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