2018 January-February Contributors Don Briggs 

Changing Headlines

It is not uncommon to hear people all across Louisiana talking about the Permian Basin and for a good reason. The west Texas formation saw its first commercial oil well completed in 1921, and since then, the basin continues to be a predominant supplier of United States oil and gas. Some even say that an oil and gas recovery begins… Read More
2017 July-August Contributors Don Briggs 

The Center of the Natural Gas Universe

Here in Louisiana, a source of pride amongst our oil and gas industry has been the pipeline infrastructure and exporting facilities we possess in the state. This infrastructure has allowed Louisiana to lead the charge as we pursue energy security and haul energy resources across the state, nation and globe. There is one place, an unassuming Cajun town in south… Read More
2016 March-April Don Briggs Louisiana 

Something’s Got to Give!

November 2014 brought about many changes for the oil and gas way of life. For starters, the price for a barrel of crude oil dropped from $115 down to as low as $27. This drop in price has caused chaos to say the least. Over 10,000 jobs have been lost in the Louisiana oil and gas sector. Now, over 250,000… Read More
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