2019 May-June OILMAN Publisher 

Letter from the Publisher (May-June 2019)

Not many of us would have guessed the deal of the quarter that blasted the energy headlines last month. Chevron announced that it was acquiring Anadarko for $33 billion in cash and stock or $65 per share. The merger places Chevron in a significant position with a wide corridor of acreage in the Permian. Since the blockbuster deal was announced,… Read More
2019 March-April OILMAN Publisher 

Letter from the Publisher (March-April 2019)

There has been political discussion about drastically changing our energy market as we know it today. The Green New Deal has surfaced to the forefront of American politics. A scaled down version of the plan was introduced recently and calls for transitioning the United States to 100 percent renewable, zero-emission energy by 2030. The framers of the resolution ultimately want… Read More
Oilman 2018 July-August OILMAN Publisher 

Letter from the Publisher (July-August 2018)

The U.S. shale market continues to excel at producing oil and gas for export around the world. Several shale plays are hotbeds of activity. However, there are oil producers dealing with critical obstacles of not being able to find skilled employees for key positions, insufficient pipeline capacity and not enough truckers to handle routine business tasks. Despite the business hiccups,… Read More
Oilman 2018 May-June OILMAN Publisher 

Letter from the Publisher (May-June 2018)

Rising crude prices have surged 50 percent since last year and as a result has improved the outlook of the oil and gas industry so far this year. The U.S. shale market continues to perform well and smaller producers have ramped up drilling to gain market share. Shale is doing so well in several regions, companies are experiencing shortages in… Read More
Oilman 2018 March-April OILMAN Publisher 

Letter from the Publisher (March-April 2018)

The United States is the leading natural gas producer in the world. Shale has virtually eliminated our need for gas imports and continues to produce well; in fact, very well in the Delaware and Eagle Ford Basin. The Bakken is seeing improvement and the Niobrara region continues to perform well in the Denver Basin after two years of falling production.… Read More
Oilman OILMAN Publisher 

Letter from the Publisher (November-December 2017)

The oil and gas market has seen many fluctuations over the past three years, from $24 a barrel to now bouncing between $45 and $55 a barrel, OPEC issuing various reports of its intention to stabilize the market, several large shale plays exchanging hands in the hot Delaware Basin, and major oil companies and SMBs wading through a crippling downturn… Read More
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