Hydraulic Couplings – Photo courtesy of Hunting PLC 2019 March-April Features 

Subsea Technology: Innovation on the Horizon

A test question for third graders studying about the universe asked what color the Earth appeared from space and why. The answer to this question is simple to an adult, it’s a widely known fact. It’s blue. The Earth from space appears blue, as it primarily covered by water – approximately 71 percent of it, in fact. It is one… Read More
2019 March-April OILMAN Publisher 

Letter from the Publisher (March-April 2019)

There has been political discussion about drastically changing our energy market as we know it today. The Green New Deal has surfaced to the forefront of American politics. A scaled down version of the plan was introduced recently and calls for transitioning the United States to 100 percent renewable, zero-emission energy by 2030. The framers of the resolution ultimately want… Read More
Energy’s End-to-End Game 2019 March-April 

Energy’s End-to-End Game

For a company whose parent has a reputation as a technological innovator, Shell Aviation was an anomaly, a business that continued to rely heavily on the archaic, paper-driven processes and practices that many of its siblings under the Shell umbrella had shed in favor of data-driven digital approaches. Read More
Quality AI is Transforming the Oil Industry 2019 March-April Technology 

Quality AI is Transforming the Oil Industry

Quality governs what crude oil is worth and where it can be delivered. What is often described as a uniform commodity actually has a range of qualities that impact the end use and ease of transport. Despite the importance of quality and the long history of the industry, product qualities remain difficult to measure accurately and in real-time. It’s a… Read More
2019: Diversify or Disappear for Energy, Utilities and Resources? 2019 March-April Business 

2019: Diversify or Disappear for Energy, Utilities and Resources?

Renewables accelerating even faster than previously predicted, customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX) driving demand for more diversified energy, business and payment models: In 2019 energy and utility companies face the challenges of an industry rapidly diversifying, decentralizing and digitizing. The sure-fire way to keep up? Make sure you stay ahead! Prediction 1: By 2040, 66 percent of the… Read More
The Oil and Gas Industry Takes a New Approach to Alleviate Truck Order Backlog in 2019 2019 March-April Transportation 

The Oil and Gas Industry Takes a New Approach to Alleviate Truck Order Backlog in 2019

Truck attainment has been a key challenge for private fleets, for-hire carriers and organizations that rely on trucking across many industries, including manufacturing, oil, energy, and gas. This challenge has been accentuated by the backlog of orders for Class-8 heavy-duty trucks, largely stemming from an American Economy that has been booming ever since the Great Recession ended in 2010, and… Read More
Why “Lesser” Injuries Matter: The Case for Hand Safety 2019 March-April Safety 

Why “Lesser” Injuries Matter: The Case for Hand Safety

Oil and gas workers and employers are well aware that jobs in this industry are notoriously dangerous. In fact, the oil and gas industry is so dangerous that most workplace safety reporting focuses on severe injuries and fatalities. It’s understandable that so much focus is directed at preventing major accidents. But, unfortunately, that means that the prevention of less severe… Read More
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