2019 July-August OILMAN Publisher 

Letter from the Publisher (July-August 2019)

Where would the industry be without embracing technology? I’m sure that question is often asked in the executive suite and in the oil field as hard-working individuals go about their daily work contributing to produce the energy we need to run our modern society. Emerging technology such as IoT, machine learning and data analytics, and innovative products are improving productivity… Read More
The Snake Robot – Photo courtesy of Equinor 2019 July-August 

Has Skynet Taken Over Diving Work in the Oil Industry?

Diving as a profession goes back to very ancient times. The first divers collected a great variety of sea products as organisms that were used as food, sponges, corals and pearls. A Greek historian, Herodotus, wrote the story of a diver named Scyllis, who worked for the Persian king Xerxes, recovering a sunken treasure in the fifth century B.C. On… Read More
Creating Resilient Operations Through Machine Learning 2019 July-August 

Creating Resilient Operations Through Machine Learning

If there is one true constant in oil and gas, it’s that prices never stay the same for long. Analysts have been frantically arguing about the future of oil prices likely for as long as the industry has been around, with no signs of stopping. Does lower for longer, in fact, mean lower forever? Or does it mean an upward… Read More
New M&R Software Innovations Keep Fleet Managers in Check 2019 July-August 

New M&R Software Innovations Keep Fleet Managers in Check

Over the last twelve to twenty-four months, it seems as though topics such as autonomous driving and ELD mandates have flooded the news headlines for the fleet transportation industry. And deservedly so, these are no doubt topical, important issues. However, in running your fleet day-to-day, understanding the evolution of M&R (Maintenance and Repair) issues continues to be right up there… Read More
Reflections from OTC 2019: Interviews with Newpark Drilling Fluids, Parker Hannifin and Brainnwave 2019 July-August Interviews 

Reflections from OTC 2019: Interviews with Newpark Drilling Fluids, Parker Hannifin and Brainnwave

This year’s Offshore Technology Conference marks its 50th anniversary. There were many interesting companies and one day is simply not enough to go over them all. I spoke with Newpark Drilling Fluids, Parker Hannifin and Brainwave at this year’s OTC. Everyone was excited about the opportunities in the oil and gas industry. To start, my first interview is with Tim… Read More
Photo courtesy of Lodestar Logistics Corporation 2019 July-August 

The Role of Rail Logistics In The Movement Of Oil & Gas Production And Downstream Commodities

Some of the very first barrels of crude oil produced in this country were transported in a system designed to move crude from Western Pennsylvania to markets on the East Coast. Then, as now, more efficient methods of transportation were eventually developed and deployed. However, rail transportation has always played a key role in moving production from newly developed oil… Read More
Oil Ships Which Rule The Waves 2019 July-August 

Oil Ships Which Rule The Waves

On January 8, 2019, a Vietnam-registered oil tanker Aulac Fortune has exploded and caught fire off the coast of Hong Kong’s Lamma Island, killing at least one person and leaving three missing. The largest oil tanker shipping companies in the world facilitate the majority of crude oil trade globally. They ship hundreds of billions of barrels of crude oil each year. An oil (or petroleum) tanker… Read More
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