2016 March-April OILMAN Publisher 

Time to Get Real

Letter from the Publisher For the better part of 18 months our industry has been reeling from the complete tank (no pun intended) in the price of oil. All you could hear at the beginning were confident quotes like “Just wait it’ll be back to 100 soon.” “Back to 70 by the end of the year.” and “50 was the… Read More
2016 March-April OILMAN Pride 

Modern Day Gulf Station – 1930s

Modern Day Gulf Station, Houston, Texas – 1930s. Do you remember when there was actually customer service? Long before the gas flows from the pump to the car the process of drilling for it has to start. Men made of steel willing to tackle a dangerous job worked rigs all over Texas looking to hit that gusher. Very little regard… Read More
2016 March-April OILMAN Pride 

Driller Jack Clark – 1930s

Driller Jack Clark (white shirt) and Crew east Texas 1930s Long before the gas flows from the pump to the car the process of drilling for it has to start. Men made of steel willing to tackle a dangerous job worked rigs all over Texas looking to hit that gusher. Very little regard to safety was considered in the drilling… Read More
2016 March-April Features 

Waiting for ‘The One’

With no relief in sight for the price of oil, the oil and gas industry in 2016 is facing an increasingly distressed position that will force companies to begin disposing of assets, face restructuring or bankruptcy, or give in to mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Top analysts have made it clear; while 2015 was slow in M&A, companies this year will… Read More
2016 March-April 

Tips to Fix Your Struggling Sales Team

Whether you are a seasoned business development officer, or you are a VP of a sales team, you are always looking for new motivational tools or new habits to instill in your team. The biggest mistake in your small sales team is they are not aggressive enough. The aggressiveness I’m talking about comes within, and stays within you the entire… Read More
2016 March-April Don Briggs Louisiana 

Something’s Got to Give!

November 2014 brought about many changes for the oil and gas way of life. For starters, the price for a barrel of crude oil dropped from $115 down to as low as $27. This drop in price has caused chaos to say the least. Over 10,000 jobs have been lost in the Louisiana oil and gas sector. Now, over 250,000… Read More
2016 March-April Alex Mills 

Presidential Candidates’ Position On Energy Issues Exposed

Energy issues have not been discussed very much in any of the debates – Democratic or Republican – during the past six months. However, the candidates have made several comments on various energy issues that will give a strong indication where they stand. Obviously, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, both Democrats, made the strongest arguments for more government regulation of… Read More
2016 March-April Joshua Robbins 

How to Divest Oil and Gas Assets in Today’s Market

The article Bear Strategies: Acquisitions – Oilman Nov/Dec 2015 – was a comprehensive look at acquiring operated or non-operated assets during a downtrend. In this article, we are focusing on the opposite side; how to divest your oil and gas assets in the current market. In both instances, defining your core market prior to acquiring or divesting any assets, is… Read More
2016 March-April Interviews Jason Spiess 

Q&A with Jason Spiess: Loren C. Scott

Loren C. Scott is one of the 32-member National Business Economic Issues Council, which meets quarterly to discuss issues of state, national, and international interest. This group has experts who cover international trade, Washington economic policy, retail trade, trucking, steel, chemicals, etc. Dr. Scott is an energy specialist on the NBEIC. He has been appointed to the Economic Advisory Board… Read More
2016 March-April Mark A. Stansberry 

The Needed Script

As of this writing, Leonardo DiCaprio, American movie actor, had recently addressed the World Economic Summit in Davos, Switzerland proclaiming that the oil and gas industry is reshaping the world due to greed. We can’t let corporate greed “determine the future of humanity,” he said. DiCaprio stated that “those entities with a financial interest in preserving the destructive system have… Read More
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