O3b mPOWER will further strengthen the ability of offshore providers to capitalize on cloud services by delivering multi-gigabit, low-latency connectivity. 2019 November-December Offshore 

Driving Offshore Growth with Satellite Communications

Digitalization in the offshore market has begun to ramp up, with new technologies poised to deliver substantial costs savings and improved profitability to the industry. However, these technologies depend on the existence of robust and reliable connectivity – a challenge for many offshore operators, particularly as they venture into deeper waters that are frequently out of range of traditional terrestrial… Read More
Drilling for IoT Data Insight 2019 November-December Exploration & Production Technology 

Drilling for IoT Data Insight

Digital technologies have been a critical factor in the oil and gas industry’s transformation. Beyond transforming the industry, the integration of “smart” technologies now has the potential to create additional cost-savings from existing capacity. McKinsey research confirms how effective use of digital technologies can “reduce capital expenditures by up to 20 percent” while reducing operating costs “in upstream by 3… Read More
Five Essential Mobile Device Management Features for Oil and Gas Personnel 2019 November-December 

Five Essential Mobile Device Management Features for Oil and Gas Personnel

Challenges abound in the oil and gas industry: from navigating unpredictable – and often treacherous – weather conditions to maintaining production levels and ensuring the safety and security of staff and equipment across a range of locations. It’s clear to see the role mission-critical communications technology plays in the smooth operation, safety and efficiency of both headquartered and remote worksites.… Read More
2.0 units float on the surface of the evaporation pond, allowing concentrated droplets to fall back into the water. 2019 November-December 

Revolutionary Evaporation System Cuts Costs To $.006 Per Barrel And Protects Environment From Particulate Contamination

Disposing of industrial wastewater is a problem in many industries. Wastewater is so named because it typically contains a high concentration of contaminants including chemicals and particulate matter that are beyond the capabilities of municipal sewage systems. Mining endeavors including all types of fossil fuel recovery are particularly awash in wastewater. Oil and gas operations may produce 5 to 10… Read More
Conductor Supported Platforms: Demystifying the Industry’s Best Kept Secret 2019 November-December 

Conductor Supported Platforms: Demystifying the Industry’s Best Kept Secret

For the field development engineer striving to deliver the most cost-effective concept design for a shallow water development, there are a variety of possible routes to take. Maybe a subsea tieback would provide the most profitable solution, or perhaps a jacket supported wellhead platform? Maybe separate offshore processing is worth considering? One option that is all too often overlooked though,… Read More
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