September 21, 2021

Port Cameron Seeks New Customers

Houston-based HBW Resources in July said it was retained by Port Cameron, LLC, to enhance the company’s campaign to identify and secure new customers for its new private deepwater, staging port in Cameron Parish, La.

The port complex, located on the Calcasieu Ship Channel, 185 miles east of Houston and just south of Lake Charles, will encompass 500 acres, with an additional 750 acres available for expansion in the future. The port’s proximity to current and future shelf and deepwater offshore oil and gas exploration will help serve the growing needs of energy development in the Gulf of Mexico and help reduce operational costs and risk.

The port, which, upon completion, will be home to the largest private energy services facility on the Gulf Coast, will also have more than 21,000 linear feet of bulkhead lots on dredged slips of 500- and 700-foot widths, and dredged depths of 33 feet.

Construction on the $1.5 billion project is set to begin in November and is expected to take up to four years, HBW said.

“We are very pleased about the opportunity to work with Port Cameron and help build a new Gulf of Mexico port filled with creative, logistic solutions,” Jack Belcher, executive vice president, HBW, said in a July 25 statement. “This deepwater port is optimally suited for all aspects of the energy sector in the Gulf of Mexico. Port customers will maintain a private slip, giving them a high degree of versatility and optionality.” –JD

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