2015 November-December Energy Scene 

A Family Company Dedicated to the Industry

D.M.B. Construction LLC., (Dominic Michael Bracco) has been a family owned and operated company for 14 years, but has remained a family business for a total of 37 years. South Texas is exceptionally special to D.M.B. Construction LLC. because the family that operates it chose this region to settle and work here. Corpus Christi has catered to the petroleum industry… Read More
2015 September-October OILMAN Pride 

The Original Oilmen: Glenn McCarthy and Michel T. Halbouty Early 1930s

This rare photo contains two legends of Texas oil. A very young Glenn McCarthy (left) and Michel T. Halbouty (right) sit in Halbouty’s office and lab. Both wildcatters made and lost fortunes pursuing riches in Texas oilfields. Glenn McCarthy would end up building one of the most famous hotels in Texas “The Shamrock” in Houston while Michel Halbouty would help influence and educate political leaders about the… Read More
2015 September-October OILMAN Pride Texas 

Transportation & Logistics History: J.M. English Trucking Company Early 1930s

From hot shot delivery to the long haul, independent trucking services provided the oil patch with the transportation of equipment from the manufacturers to the field getting the job done. The J.M. English trucking company was based in Houston, Texas but they serviced oil fields in several states. Courtesy of the The Sloane Gallery – www.sloanegallery.com – 281-496-2212     Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on LinkedIn Read More
2015 September-October OILMAN Pride Texas 

Oil & Gas History: Texas Iron Works Early 1930s

Texas Iron works was located at 1401 Maury in Houston, Texas. They manufactured oil field supplies and also did repair work. Among their services were pipe straightening, threading and heavy forging plus acetylene and electric welding. Shown here is a multiple crank disk truck. Courtesy of the The Sloane Gallery – www.sloanegallery.com – 281-496-2212 Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on LinkedIn Read More
2015 September-October OILMAN Publisher 

Take A Bow

Letter from the Publisher In researching this issue it was amazing to see how the oil and gas industry has naturally progressed its safety processes and continues to implement new technologies to protect everyone and everything involved. Hint: that’s you, me, our families, neighbors, and pretty much anyone living within a hundred miles of a McDonald’s. Most people are sensible… Read More
2015 September-October OILMAN Pride 

Developing Technology: Humble Oil (Standard Oil) Offshore Rig 1950s

Each new drilling project continued to redefine the boundaries and limitations of offshore drilling. In 1963 Shell Oil surprisingly shared its revolutionary deepwater drilling technology with its competitors in a now legendary “School of Industry.” Their effort to bring their competitors up to speed fueled demand for deepwater leases beyond 300 feet and ensured they would be awarded at auction.… Read More
2015 September-October 

Rules and Standards

Industry and regulators took significant steps over the summer in the ongoing effort to bolster oil and gas pipeline safety through development of new standards and rules. The American Petroleum Institute (API) published its safety management system standard after years of collaborative development, while the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) issued a final rule on excavation damage prevention… Read More
Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale Yields $110 Million in Bids 2015 September-October 

API: Proposed rule ‘could make offshore operations less safe’

The American Petroleum Institute (API) in comments submitted to the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) cautioned that the unintended consequences of some elements of the BSEE’s proposed rule on blowout preventer systems and well control “could make offshore operations less safe.” In a July 17 statement, Erik Milito, API upstream group director, said that certain aspects of the… Read More
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