#OilmanNEWS 2015 September-October 

Industry Reacts to EPA Actions

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan: Final Rule released on Aug. 3. EPA’s final rule establishes interim and final CO2 emission performance rates for two subcategories of fossil fuel-fired electric generating units: Fossil fuel-fired electric steam generating units (coal- and oil-fired power plants) Natural gas-fired combined cycle generating units American Petroleum Institute (API): New power plant rule harms American… Read More
2015 September-October Don Briggs Louisiana 

Iran Agreement is Two-headed Monster

The U.S. oil market took a drastic fall in November 2014 due to a very specific reason. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) decided at their fall meeting that they would not be reducing the amount of crude oil exported on the world market, but indeed, they would be increasing the output by their participating countries. Production and prices… Read More
2015 September-October 

Railroad Administration Releases Rule on Unattended Trains

The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) on July 29 issued a final rule to prevent unattended trains that carry crude; ethanol; poisonous by inhalation and toxic by inhalation (TIH) hazardous material; and other highly flammable contents from rolling away. FRA said that railroad employees who are responsible for securing a train will now be permanently required to communicate with another individual… Read More
2015 September-October 

Targeted Training with the LWCC Mobile Safety Training Center: Customer Testimony

LWCC delivers classroom-style safety training to its policyholders’ doorsteps. The workers’ compensation carrier offers a mobile safety training center as part of its commitment to workplace safety in Louisiana. It is one of the many ways LWCC continues to invest in Louisiana and its businesses and workers. The mobile safety training center travels to policyholders, offering training and educational courses… Read More
2015 September-October Interviews Jason Spiess 

Q&A with Jason Spiess: Brian Lash – Target Logistics

Brian Lash founded The Target Companies in his college dorm room in 1978. Today, Lash serves as a consultant to Target Logistics on business development initiatives. Lash has become a respected leader in the workforce housing, disaster relief and travel industries, as well as in large-scale events like the Olympics. His expertise has led to national and international speaking opportunities… Read More
2015 September-October Mark A. Stansberry 

Nothing Moves Without Energy!

The International Society of The Energy Advocates, “The Energy Advocates,” was founded in 1974, by a group of American oil and gas executives in response to the 1973-’74 oil embargo. The mission of The Energy Advocates was to inform the general public about our vital energy industry and energy policy issues. Since 1974, members of The Energy Advocates have spoken… Read More
2015 September-October Energy Scene 

Energy Scene: Oil Patch BBQs

When it comes to intellectual property in oil and gas, arguably the most protected and coveted piece of information isn’t fracking chemistry, it’s the BBQ pit master secrets. This revelation came to me recently after attending my 50th oil-and-gas-themed BBQ over the past five years. Often, when asking a pit master for a BBQ tip, the smoker suddenly requires their… Read More
Louisiana Gov. Signs Bill Killing Lawsuits Against Oil and Gas Companies 2015 September-October 

Senate Committee Unveils Energy Policy Modernization Act

The U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources on July 22 introduced the Energy Policy Modernization Act of 2015, a bill that addresses a wide range of U.S. energy sector issues, including the strategic petroleum reserve and applications for the export of natural gas. “After months of working together, the bipartisan legislation we introduced today marks a critical step… Read More
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