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Energy Law Round Up Podcasts 

Energy Law Round Up – 6.26.2017

In this week’s episode, you’ll learn about multiple decisions that came out of the Texas Supreme Court on Friday, which can directly impact your operations in the oil patch, as well as one of the first jury verdicts addressing the increasing trend of mineral lessors challenging the deduction from their royalties of affiliate fees for post-production transportation and processing. Your weekly briefing on legal news… Read More
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Oilman Podcast Podcasts 

Latshaw Talks Changes in Oil and Gas

Interview: Trent Latshaw, Founder & President, Latshaw Drilling Latshaw talks about the changes in the oil industry in terms of boom-bust cycles and production. He also talks about how technology has changes the entire industry. Read More
By Phil Graves #OilmanNEWS Shale Technology Upstream 

Clean Chemistry Issued New Patents for Water Treatment Technology

Clean Chemistry, a chemical technology company, received three patents from the US Patent and Trademark Office that cover formulae, synthesis methods and use of unique oxidant chemistries. Specifically, the patents for inventions numbered 9,551,076 , 9,517,955 and 9,517,956 cover the only known production processes for large scale quantities of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in easy-to-use, liquid formulations. “Reactive oxygen species… Read More
DOE to Invest $20 Million in New Oil and Gas Research Projects #OilmanNEWS 2017-May-June Technology 

DOE to Invest $20 Million in New Oil and Gas Research Projects

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced the availability of $20 million for cost-shared oil and gas research projects to increase recovery efficiency from unconventional oil and gas wells and to prevent offshore spills and leaks.  This new funding opportunity seeks projects that will advance DOE’s objective to support a more environmentally responsible, secure, and resilient U.S. energy infrastructure, while… Read More


LAGCOE Names Don Briggs As LAGCOE Looey 2017

LAGCOE is proud to announce LAGCOE Looey 2017 as Don Briggs, founding member and president of the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association. LAGCOE Looey is an honorary position given to someone who has accomplished something great in the oil and gas industry. LAGCOE Looey recipients have shaped the oil and gas industry through years of devoted hard work while continuously… Read More

ExxonMobil Chooses Corpus Christi for the $10B Facility

Interviews: Iain Vasey, President and CEO, Corpus Christi Economic Development Corporation Vasey talks about the economic impact of the $10B ExxonMobil ethylene facility being constructed and how many construction jobs it will create for the region. Vasey also gives an overview of what the Corpus Christi Economic Development Corporation does on a day-to-day basis. Read More
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