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Texas Oil and Gas Expansion Frustrates OPEC Production Cuts

Upstream oil and gas development in Texas rallied for the fifth straight month in April, according to the Texas Petro Index, which improved to 164.3 to post its first year-over-year increase in 27 months. Among TPI indicators logging big year-over-year gains in April were wellhead prices for crude oil and natural gas, the number of drilling rigs at work, well-permitting… Read More
2017-May-June Features 

Amid FERC Commissioner Shakeup

Oil and Gas Companies Seek to Give Regulatory Body More Control Over Timeline Enforcement On March 14, 2017, Dominion Energy President Diane Leopold went before the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Resources to deliver a message on several energy projects, including the highly-politicized Atlantic Coast Pipeline, or ACP. Leopold’s statements highlighted the noticeably lengthy process that oil and gas… Read More
2017-May-June Interviews 

Interview with Amit Mehta, CEO and Founder of Moblize

Tim McNally: What was your motivation for founding Moblize? Amit Mehta: The primary reason I started Moblize was that I saw that the oil and gas industry was extremely good at hardware innovation but rather poor at software innovation. What I saw in Silicon Valley was that companies there come from nowhere and then they can create software that you… Read More

Envoc Brings Software Innovations to Inspections

Based in Baton Rouge, Envoc is one of Louisiana’s fastest growing enterprise software design and development companies. Envoc has recently emerged in the energy sector by developing a software-based solution to a long-standing problem: inspections performed with paper and pen. Innovative solutions aren’t always at a company’s forefront. Why? Tradition. Ease. Budgets. But while creative solutions may break tradition, they… Read More

Optimizing IT for $50 a Barrel of Oil

This is part 1 of a 4 part series on IT optimization in the oil and gas industry.  When business prospers, IT departments often struggle to meet the demand for new capabilities. To maximize limited resources, most IT groups seek methods to collaboratively select and prioritize projects to ensure effective delivery to the business. The result is an improved IT… Read More
2017-May-June Contributors Mark A. Stansberry 


What is National Energy Talk? The History First, the beginnings and history of National Energy Talk: In 1992, I founded and launched the first International Energy Policy Conference.  Since its inception, the conference has hosted dignitaries, Fortune 500 companies, industry experts, ambassadors, and delegations to discuss energy efficiency, environmental preservation, and the whys, hows and solutions of a national energy… Read More
2017-May-June Contributors Features 

Safety Subcontracted to the Lowest Bidder

Worker’s compensation is a double-edged sword because it can be abused. It is this exploitation that worker’s comp has developed a stigma that makes most employer’s cringe at the sound of the words. The age-old scenario goes: an employee becomes injured on the job and must take time off to heal. He becomes accustomed to not working and getting paid… Read More
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